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6 Best Free Automatic Call Recording Android Apps

Automatic Call Recording feature allows you to record an ongoing call in AMR or WAV format. Earlier mobile manufacturing companies were providing an in-built option or pre-installed app to record calls. But now a days more than 50% of the phones manufactured are not supporting this feature. If Smartphones are making our life easier than they are also lacked behind in this technology. There can be one reason of this issue because within some countries it's against their law to record conservation without inclination of both the person. 
Automatic Call Recording Android Apps
Automatic Call Recording Android Apps
But don't worry if you're reading this guide then at the end you would surely receive a working method. As there are plenty of third-party call recording apps available on play store. Some of them are paid while to use some apps you don't even need to spend a single penny. Using them one can easily record phone calls on android. 

So today we're having some best hand-picked recorder apps for android. Remember before recording any type of call make a confirmation whether your country's law allows you or not. If not then don't ever try to do that. If you still want to save calls then make other person sure that our call is being recorded by me. As some time it becomes necessary if you want to remember something. 

1. Automatic Call Recorder (Both Free & Paid)

This app is placed at number one position only because of the quality recording it's providing. It's one of best app to record phone calls. Once installed then you've rights to record any phone call and choose which one to save on your phone. Automatic Call Recorder is integrated with Google Drive™ and Dropbox so you can also save your calls on cloud. 
Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder
Recordings are stored in the inbox as default but you can change it to your micro SD card as well. You can set the size of the inbox. The number of saved calls is limited only by your device memory. If you decide that a conversation is important, save it and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder. If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.
  • You can easily search for recording by phone number, contact or notes.
  • This app comes with three settings. First one is record everything; it will record all calls except contacts selected to be ignored. Second one is ignore everything; This setting records no calls except for contacts pre-selected to be recorded. And the last one is ignore contacts; It will record calls of non-contacts user.
You can download Automatic Call Recorder pro version too. It'll cost you around Rs.435

2. Call Recorder (Lovekara communication) (Free)

Another great app to record all your calls easily. Call Recorder provides a better option to manage your calls. You can view all your calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates. Not only this one can save phone calls as mp3 format on external storage. 
Call Recorder Lovekara Communication
Call Recorder Lovekara Communication

3. Call Recorder - ACR (Both Free & Paid)

It's one of the highest rated call recording android app on play store. It comes up with plenty of features and available in both Free and paid version.
Free Version: -
  • Search
  • Grouping recordings by date
  • Auto delete old recordings
  • Marking recordings as important so they don't get auto deleted
  • Multi select, delete, send
  • Displaying contact name and photo
  • Password protection of recordings
  • Lots of recording formats
  • Ability start delayed recording
  • Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts
Pro Version: -
  • Auto email
  • Dropbox integration 
  • Google Drive integration
  • WebDAV integration
  • FTP integration
Call Recorder ACR
Call Recorder ACR
You can download Call Recorder ACR pro version also. It'll cost you around Rs.200.

4. Call Recorder (Clever Mobile Communication) (Both Free & Paid)

Another widely used apps to save your outgoing calls. It comes preloaded with a bunch of features such as enable or disable call recording, play/stop recorded audio, lock recorded items and much more. 
Call Recorder Clever Mobile Communication
Call Recorder Clever Mobile Communication
You can download Call Recorder pro version too for some extra features such as share recorded items. 

5. Galaxy Call Recorder (Free)

This would be the best recording app for you if you're using any Samsung Galaxy series phone. It's specially designed for Galaxy series of Samsung. The attraction point is the ability to capture two-way recording on Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III.
You can check a complete of recommended devices for this app on the play store. 
Galaxy Call Recorder
Galaxy Call Recorder

6. All Call Recorder (Both Free & Paid)

I would suggest this app only when you haven't left any other option from above apps. Prehaps one reason because this app has not got good performance reviews on the play store. It's a free version with ads integrated. You can download pro version also from here. It would charge you around Rs. 596.20.
All Call Recorder
All Call Recorder
So this was all about how to record phone calls on Android phone. Give them a try and find out which one works best for you. If you've any doubt or query then mention it in the comment section below.

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Top 3 Ad Blocker Android Apps You Must Try

Are you fed up from those annoying pop up ads on your Android Smartphone? Do you want to get rid from annoying ads? If yes, then you've landed at the right place today. I can assure you that after a brief reading of this guide you won't come across those creepy advertisements on your Android again. Today we're having a collection of top 3 best ad blocker apps for Android. We've reviewed them according to their popularity and customer satisfaction.
Ad Blocker Apps For Android
Ad Blocker Apps For Android
There's one thing you must know. Do you have any idea why you're facing these ads while surfing on your Android browser? If not then allow me to clear your doubt. At present if a website or application is providing free stuff, content or services then in return they would show ads on their website. This help them to earn some decent amount of money and keep the website up. Those ads can be frustrating for you but it can be a living source too for the webmaster.

But sometime webmaster are concerned only about money. They'll place advertisement in such a way that conversation rate becomes too high. They don't care whether you're satisfied with their free services or not. The main aim is only conversion of every landing person in some bucks. If you're fed up from those sticky ads on Android or not able to access any software due to them then keep on reading. Below we've covered ad remover apps for Android phone. Give them a try and let us know whether they are working for you or not.

1. Adblock Plus

This app has been placed at first place in our list only because of its best results. You won't be able to find it on Play Store as they've banned it. But the developers have provided a direct apk link on their website. Simply navigate to their website and download it.
  • Block Ads: - One can easily block pop-up, flash, banner, video, pop-unders and Facebook ads too. It's only because of the filter list(s) you're going to select. You can add it manually too.
  • Disable Tracking: - Beware! some websites might be tracking your online presence and your browser history. Further this information is sold to several multinational companies. But don't worry if you're using Ad block plus then you can safely search overs the Internet.
  • Disable Malware Domains: - Adblock Plus can be easily configured to block domains which are spreading viruses, malware and trojans. It'll automatically remove viruses on its own once installed.
  • Allow Acceptable Ads: - This option allows ad block to show some non-intrusive ads. As these ads are not annoying and don't track any type of information. 
Remember before downloading adblock to your android device it must be enabled for unknown sources app installs. If it's not enabled then follow the below steps.
  • Navigate to Settings then search for Unknown sources. (You can find it under applications or security depending on your device)
  • Check the box and confirm it with OK button.
  • Now simply open their website and install apk on your android device.
  • Once installed, open the app and enable Filtering option.
Adblock Plus Android
Adblock Plus Android
  • If you don't want to show any type of ad including non-intrusive then simply disable Acceptable Ads option.

2. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector scans and protects your phone from potential privacy violations and identity leaks through ads displayed by apps via the most commonly used advertising networks. Most of the advertising networks can easily collect information related to your device such as how you use your phone, websites you open often. This information is used by companies for targeted marketing campaigns. 
TrustGo Ad Detector For Android
TrustGo Ad Detector For Android
Thanks to this app for securing your device from malicious advertising. Currently TrustGo Ad Detector supports detection of over 100 mobile advertising networks. Some common and aggressive methods include:
  • Pushing ads to your Android notification bar.
  • Creating unauthorized shortcuts on your home screen.
  • Modifying the default browser, homepage and bookmarks settings.
  • Subscribing you to emails and text messages when an ad is clicked.
  • Making phone calls and downloading malicious files when an ad is clicked.

3. AppBrain Ad Detector

It's similar to TrustGo Ad Detector. This app detects all the malicious activity of apps installed on our device such as push notifications, Desktop icon spam ads, privacy issues. It also identifies adware and spyware and provides option to remove them. Currently AppBrain can detect over 70 unwanted aspects of apps. 
AppBrain Ad Detector For Android
AppBrain Ad Detector For Android
One can easily get rid of annoying ad notifications and desktop bookmarks. It help you to know which apps can access your message or contacts as it can cause a serious privacy and money issue to you.

This app tells you which ad networks are embedded in apps, such as Admob, Millennial Media, ChartBoost, TapJoy and many smaller ones. Also indicates which ones may have push ads. Not only this it can detects whether apps have SDKs like Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, and more.

So this was all about how to block ads on android using ad blocker apps. These were the best and only available options. Let us know which one you like. If you're facing any issue or having any doubt then we've comment section below. Leave a comment there and we'll get back to you.

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9 Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes You Might Don't Know

We all are familiar with the popularity of Apple's iPhone. It's like a charm if you've got an iPhone. No one is going to ask you about your Smartphone whether you've purchased it at a price similar to iPhone. But it's the iPhone which rise your status in the society. Similar to Android iPhone too has secret codes. But you won't be able to find many. In one of my previous article I covered over 150 secrets codes for Samsung. And according to me it was a complete list of codes for Android platform. 
Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes
Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes
One can easily open the door of hidden features using these codes. On Android we simply call them either hidden codes or secret codes but for iOS platform one special name called "Interrogation" is given in the market. There's nothing you need to learn to operate over these codes. They consists of some numbers along with asterisk (*) and #. Just open up your dial pad, put the code and hit call enter. That's it, hidden menu would appear in front of you. 

We might need to check sometime whether network or calling feature is working properly or not. May be you want to toggle certain functions on or off then at that time it's the only option left for you. As no one won't provide toggle option for all the features. 
Just use the specific code, open up iPhone hidden menu and Interrogate your Smartphone. There's nothing like wow! it was mind-blowing but surely these codes would be a fun dose for you.

We've listed almost all the working hidden codes here. They are compatible with all the versions such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Secrets Codes For iPhone

1. IMEI Number (*#06#)

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity consists of 15-digit code. It identifies your phone uniquely on GSM, UMTS, LTE and iDEN mobile phones. IMEI code is helpful if in any case you've lost your iOS device or it is stolen. A common man doesn't have tracking tools but telecoms companies your Smartphone using your IMEI number. You'll be using it while filling a complaint against your stolen phone. Remember insurance companies also demand for IMEI code.

Simply use the above code to find your IMEI number or navigate to Settings>>General>>About. Apple has also printed it on the original box of your mobile phone.

2. SMS Message Center Number (*#5005*7672# + ‘Make A Call’)

If you're searching for your carrier's text message center number then simply dial the code given above. Don't forget to press call button (Green Button In Most Of The Cases) once code has been entered.

To change your message center number simply dial  **5005*7672*SMSCNumber# and press call button.

3. Field Test Mode (*3001#12345#* + ‘Make A Call’)

This mode will allow you to see the true signal strength represented by numbers not by signal bars or dots. Have a patience, we'll show you how to enter in field test mode. You can get impressive technical information about your device once it is enabled

Dial the code given above and make a call and then you can easily notice signal numbers in the upper left corner. On pressing home button you'll be thrown out of the test mode and signals would convert again to bars or dots.  You might don't know but you can read data from surrounding tower through field test menu. Try to get around menus to find some more hidden information on iPhone. 

4. Incoming Call Numbers (*#30# + ‘Make A Call’)

If in any case your iPhone stops showing numbers then you can use this code to display the numbers of incoming calls.

5. EFR Mode (*3370# + ‘Make A Call’)

The very first thing is that this mode doesn't work for all networks. If it's working then you're lucky. Enhanced Full Rate allows user to improve voice quality between GSM networks. It's a speech coding standard. Give it a try and check whether it works for you or not. You can improve network quality once entered in this menu.

6. Call Barring (*#33#)

iOS operating system doesn't have any setting to block outgoing calls. But yo can easily solve this problem using the above code. Call barring is used to restrict your phone from making or receiving calls. You can check it's status using above code.

Turn ON Call Barring: *33*pin# (Replace pin with your SIM card pin)

Turn OFF Call Barring: #33*pin# (Replace pin with your SIM card pin)

7. Call Waiting (*#43#)

On enabling this setting you will be easily able to receive other calls while there's already a conservation going on. You'll be notified through sound that another person is calling you. Now it's up to you whether you wanna continue current call or shift to new one.

Turn ON Call Waiting: *43#

Turn OFF Call Waiting: #43#

8. Call Forwarding (*#21#)

Call forwarding is a feature which allows you to redirect you calls to another number. Sometime you don't want to attend calls of a specific person or might be on holiday then just use call forwarding service to redirect your calls.

Unreachable: *#62# 

When Busy: *#67#

Disable All Forwarding: ##002# + ‘Make A Call’

9. Hide My Caller ID (*#31#)

It allows you to hide your phone number in outgoing calls. Use the above code to check your outgoing calls anonymity. 

#31#phone number + 'Make A Call' : To hide your phone number for current call only.

So this was all about all the secrets codes of iOS. Let us know if they are not working for you. If you've got new codes then feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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Decrease/Increase Space Between Blog Posts And Sidebar

Blogspot offers a couple of ready-made templates. Newbie bloggers can use them at an initial level if they are going to learn some basics of blogging. You are free to customize them. To make some relevant changes in the inbuilt template Google has provided an option inside blogger called Template Designer. You can find it easily by navigating to Blogger>>Layout. We keep on learning new things as we grow up. This condition also applies to blogging
Adjust Space B/W Main Body And Sidebar
Adjust Space B/W Main Body And Sidebar
No one would prefer to stay on those simple and not properly SEO optimized templates provided on blogspot. It's a natural thing once we've started receiving readers we want to improve the layout of our template to make them feel better. At that time we would move to a custom template. 

Now the problem would occur once you've implemented any third-party theme. Most probably Template designer option would be disabled for you. You can't make changes using it. The only option left is template's html code. If you're very  much  familiar with HTML and css then it's a child play for you but I am writing this guide for those who've a little bit idea about coding skills. 

This guide is on how to remove the unwanted space between your blog posts body and the sidebar. Currently I am using responsive template on this blog but on mobile view the sidebar was looking a little shifted towards right side. So I started to find out the fix for this and after a deep study of 1 hour I fixed this error on my blog.
I have found two methods to increase or decrease gap between post body and your sidebar. You can check them out below.

Method 1: -
  • Navigate to Blogger>>Template>>Edit HTML.
  • Press ctrl+F to open search window.
  • Now search for this code ]]></b:skin>.
  • Place the following code either below or above ]]></b:skin>.
position: relative;
left: -18px !important;
  • Alternatively you can paste it in CSS menu too simply navigate to Layout>>Template Designer>>Advanced and paste the above code there. Press enter and click on Apply to blog.
  • You can adjust -18px to decrease or increase spacing between main body and sidebar.
Method 2: -
If the above solution doesn't work for you then simply give a try to this method. Frankly saying above method didn't work for me rather this one gave output. But is it not so that it won't work for everyone.
  • First of all don't forget to take backup of your template. You can easily backup your template, simply navigate to Template section and click on Backup/Restore>>Download full template. (This would save you from any accidental damage)
  • Now go to Template then press Edit HTML.
  • Press ctrl+F and search for "sidebar-wrapper". You'll notice many but remember to choose only that one which is having margin-left: 0px;
Sidebar Wrapper
Sidebar Wrapper
  • Now just adjust 0px; according to your need. As you can notice I have given it 0 while previously it was 20.
  • Once you're done click on Save Template to save your work.
So this was all about on removing gap between posts body and sidebar. Let me know if you're still facing this issue. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section for any query, doubt or another method for this problem.

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50+ Interesting Facts About Cell Phones You Might Don't Know

Today we're going to share some facts about cell phones with you. These facts would literally shock you and I can bet 90% of people are completely unknown about them. It would be a great fun for you to know about these smartphone facts. You can't regret from the unstoppable use of this era's cell phones. Now they have become a part of our life. Our day starts with them and unfortunately ends also. 
Interesting Facts About Cell Phones
Interesting Facts About Cell Phones
You won't believe but there are almost 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions. Now do you have any idea about the population of world? Let me tell you it's 7 billion. I think now you can imagine how much deeply Smartphones has entered in our lives.  

We had  research over the web and collected some most amazing cell phone facts. Just check them out below and tell us your opinion about them. All these smartphone facts are hand-picked by us and only the unique ones are listed here.

Interesting Facts About Cell Phones

  1. Almost $4000 was the price of first cell phone whose sale started in 1983 at U.S.
  2. This one is really creepy, do you know your mobile phone have 18 times more bacteria than a handle in toilet? But we consider mobile phone more clean than toilet.
  3. Now this one would make you feel proud on your cell phone. Our mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing.
  4. All of us are very much familiar with the Nokia 1100. More than 250 million pieces were sold of this phone and it won the price of best-selling electrical gadget in history ever.
  5. If you're too much addicted towards your phone then it's time to cut it up to a large extent as mobile phone radiation can cause Insomnia, headaches and confusion.
  6. Survey shows that around 49% people use phone to play games and 30% to have some chit-chat on social networking.
  7. No doubt cell phone industry is the largest growing industry in the world as it's the need of every user is the world whether they are teen or old ones.
  8. If you've any doubt about the popularity of Apple then let me tell you one secret. Apple sold around 340,000 phones per day in 2012.
  9. Japan ranks at the top if there is a discussion about technology. One of the best example of their technology is that 90% mobile phones are waterproof. This is only because youngsters in Japan use phone even in the shower.
  10. As I told in the summary of this guide there are more than 6 billion mobile phones but only 3.5 billion people are in a habit of using toothbrush.
  11. The ratio of mobile phones to PCs is 5:1.
  12. At present we can say that China is the largest manufacturer of phones. 70% of whole manufacturing industry is covered by China.
  13. Can you imagine that you can charge your phone with your Urine? For me it was impossible earlier but Scientists have developed a way to charge mobile phones with the help of Urine.
  14. Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call in 1973 to his rival Joel Engel. Martin was working in Motorola at that time and Joel was head of research at Bell Laboratories.
  15. Where's my cell phone? do you shout like this when you can't find your phone. Then my friend you're having Nomophobia. Actually sometime it's not phobia rather it's only a normal anxiety.
  16. Now it's a matter of attention why more people have mobile phones than toilets. (Source)
  17. Highest price tagged phone is Apple iPhone 5 Black Diamond which costs $15 million. According to Apple it takes nine weeks to manufacturer it. Apple iPhone Diamond is made up of 135 gram solid gold of 24 carat and the chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds.
  18. 74% people use their Smartphone to search products from shopping websites while 79% of them make a purchase.
  19. 142,000 pounds was the highest mobile bill ever which was paid by Celina Aarons.
  20. Above 80% adults in the United Stats own a cell phone.
  21. There are more mobile Internet users than PC in China.
  22. One of the most interesting fact for me regarding all the facts is iPhone consumes total electricity per year whose worth is US $0.25 if it's fully charged once a day.
  23. Almost 65% Smartphone users doesn't download a single app per month. 
  24. Water is the only thing without which we can't even imagine to survive but according to a survey conducted in the United Stats 47% people claimed that they Smartphone is the only thing they couldn't live without.
  25. On an average a person unlocks his lock screen 10 times a day.
  26. According to a detailed report 99 % of all mobile malware is targeted at Android. (Source)
  27. There are more than 250,000 separate patents related to technology behind Smartphones.
  28. More than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped in the toilet at Britain every year. 
  29. Apple's iPhone has high sale than each and every product offered by Microsoft.
  30. Sonim XP3300 Force is considered as toughest phone. Only because it was dropped from 84ft and didn't got any damage.
I think that's enough for now. We've listed all the unique facts about cell phones. If you've got one then feel free to mention it in the comment box below.

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[Solved] Fix Windows Update Error Code 80072ee2

There are hundreds of errors available in your Microsoft Windows which can pop up at any time due to some random reason. But you can find their solutions too on the official Microsoft website. Developers have covered every possible error with their working solutions on the website. But it becomes a little difficult task to solve Windows update error as they pop up with some unusual notification. Even a tech geek finds it difficult to resolve. 
One such type of error is 80072ee2
Windows Update Error 80072ee2
Windows Update Error 80072ee2
You might face this error while trying to install new updates of Windows. Windows update error 80072ee2 pop up when your system start searching for new available updates. A notification saying "Windows could not search for new updates" with error code 80072EE2 would occur. Mostly this error is seen on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 but on XP too you can face it.

So if you receive this error then just keep on reading this guide as we've covered all the possible solutions here. But first of all one must know the reason behind this error. Because then it can help you to find solutions of other Windows errors on your own .You might get some clue when they will pop up again in future. 

Why I Am Receiving Windows Update Error 80072ee2 ?

Some of the most common reasons we've mentioned below.
  • Windows Update servers might be experiencing an unusually high number of requests for updates.
  • You system might be unable to establish a connection to receive updates.

    How To Solve Error Code 80072ee2 ?

    We've mentioned all the steps below. Start from the first if it doesn't solve your problem then proceed for next.

    1. Close Windows Update
    This is the one of the most common and easy to implement method. Simply close your Windows update and wait for 10 to 15 minutes as this might lower down the high number of requests. Try after some time your bug might have gone now. (Note: - You can also wait for Windows Update to run at its next scheduled time.)

    2. Using Registry Editor
    • Navigate to Start menu.
    • Open Run type "regedit" and hit enter.
    • This will open registry editor. Now simply navigate to this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate.
    • Select Windows Update folder and delete the keys WUServer and WUStatusServer from the right hand side menu.
    Registry Editor
    Registry Editor
    • Now type "services.exe" in Run and press enter.
    • Look for ‘Windows Update‘ service at the bottom of the list. Right click on it and select restart.
    • Hope your problem has fixed now.
    3. Due To Malware Or Spyware
    If your system is affected from malwares or spywares then surely this is the reason for your error. Either your system has got them recently or they are residing from past. Now you've need to remove them. You can anti-malware tools such as Malwarebytes. Download and install it on your system. Perform a deep scan or quick scan in order to get rid from infections.

    4. Due To Third-party Firewall
    Microsoft Windows come with pre-installed firewall. It already include below mentioned website in the exceptions list. 


    If you're using any other firewall then you might need to add these websites in the exceptions list. You can contact your firewall's support center to know how to add them in the list.

    5. Due To Unregistered dll Files
    Due to random some dll files become unregistered. This can be one of the reason to your error. To solve this simply open your command prompt by typing cmd in the start menu and register these dll files oleaut32.dll,  jscript.dll,  vbscript.dll,  msxml.dll,  softpub.dll,  wintrust.dll,  initpki.dll, cryptdlg.dll. Use command regsvr32 {name of the dll} to register a dll.

    So these were some of the best picked solution to error code 80072ee2. Keep on trying them one by one. Hope one of them might fix your bug. If still you're not done with this issue then leave a comment below in the comment section.

    150+ Hidden Samsung Secret Codes - Complete Series

    I've seen many people who have made their mind set completely wrong about the hidden secret codes. According to them those hidden service menu codes are made only to destroy your Smartphone. But sorry to say the time has come to change your thinking if you're one of them. It's not so that they are always intended to do something malicious. Most of the programmer and tech geeks are using them to enhance the performance of their phone. 
    Samsung Hidden Secrets Codes
    Samsung Hidden Secrets Codes
    One can come across hundreds of issues on Android such as low battery performance, slow charging, app crashing, wifi issues, call drops, connectivity issues, syncing issue,and many more. At that time hidden codes are proved to be boon. You can easily troubleshoot some most common issue using them.  

    Today we're going to share a complete list of secret codes of Samsung. These hidden codes are compatible with almost every version of Samsung galaxy series such as star, corby, grand, grand 2, core 2, ace, young, pocket, mega, S duos including Samsung galaxy s2, Samsung galaxy s3, Samsung galaxy s4, Samsung galaxy s5, Samsung galaxy s6.

    Check out the list below according to their use.

    Samsung Hidden Secret Codes

    We've covered almost all the service mode codes here with their description.
    1. *#06# (IMEI Code)
    2. *#9998*4357# (Help Menu)
    3. *#9998*5282# (GRPS/CSD Settings for JAVA Server)
    4. *#9999#0# (Monitor Mode)
    5. *#9999# or *#9998*9999# (Software Version)
    6. *#9998*746# or *#9998*0746# or *#0746# (Sim Infos)
    7. *#9998*523# or *#9998*0523# or *#0523# (Display Contrast)
    8. *#9998*842# or *#9998*0842# or *#0842# (Vibration On)
    9. *#9998*289# or *#9998*0289# or *#0289# (Buzzer On)
    10. *#9998*288# or *#9998*0288# or *#0288# (Battery & Field Infos)
    11. *#9998*377# or *#9998*0377# (Error Log)
    12. *#9998*778# or *#9998*0778# or *#0778# (Sim Service Table)
    13. *#9998*782# (Show Date And Alarm Clock)
    14. *#8999*638# (Show Network Information)
    15. *#9998*5646# (Change Operator Logo At Startup)
    16. *#9998*76# (Production Number)
    17. *#9998*968# (View Melody For Alarm)
    18. *#9998*585# (Non-Volatile Memory) (NVM)
    19. *#3243948# (Digital Audio Interference Off)
    20. *#32436837# (Digital Audio Interference On)
    21. *#1111# (S/W Version)
    22. *#1234# (Firmware Version)
    23. *#2222# (H/W Version)
    24. *#8999*8376263# (All Versions Together)
    25. *#8999*8378# (Test Menu)
    26. *#8999*377# (Error LOG Menu)
    27. *#8999*667# (Debug Mode)
    28. *#92782# (PhoneModel)
    29. #*5737425# (JAVA Mode)
    30. *#232337# (Bluetooth MAC Address)
    31. *#5282837# (Java Version)
    32. #*22671# (AMR Rec Start)
    33. #*22672# (Stop AMR Rec)
    34. #*22673# (Pause REC)
    35. #*22674# (Resume REC)
    36. #*22675# (AMR Playback)
    37. #*22676# (AMR Stop Play)
    38. #*22677# (Pause Play)
    39. #*22678# (Resume Play)
    40. #*77261# (PCM Rec REQ)
    41. #*77262# (Stop PCM Rec)
    42. #*77263# (PCM Playback)
    43. #*77264# (PCM Stop Play)
    44. #*22679# (AMR Get Time)
    45. *#8999*364# (Watchdog ON/OFF)
    46. *#8999*427# (WATCHDOG Signal Route Setup)
    47. *2767*3855# = (Full Reset)
    48. *2767*2878# (Custom Reset)
    49. *2767*927#  (Wap Reset)
    50. *2767*226372# (Camera Reset Deletes Photos)
    51. *2767*688# (Reset Mobile TV)
    52. #7263867# (RAM Dump (On or Off))
    53. #*4773# (Incremental Redundancy)
    54. #*7785# (Reset Wakeup & RTK Timer Cariables/Variables)
    55. #*7200# (Tone Generator Mute)
    56. #*3888# (Bluetooth Test mode)
    57. #*7828# (Task Screen)
    58. #*#8377466# (S/W Version & H/W Version)
    59. #*2562# (Restarts Phone)
    60. #*2565# (No Blocking? General Defense)
    61. #*3353# (General Defense, Code Erased)
    62. #*3837# (Phone Hangs On White screen)
    63. #*3849# (Restarts Phone)
    64. #*2886# (AutoAnswer ON/OFF)
    65. #*7288# (GPRS Detached/Attached)
    66. #*7287# (GPRS Attached)
    67. #*7666# (White Screen)
    68. #*7693# (Sleep Deactivate/Activate)
    69. #*2286# (Data Battery)
    70. #*2527# (GPRS Switching Set To (Class 4, 8, 9, 10))
    71. #*2679# (Copycat feature Activa/Deactivate)
    72. #*3940# (External Looptest 9600 bps)
    73. #*4263# (Handsfree Mode Activate/Deactivate)
    74. #*2558# (Time ON)
    75. #*3941# (External Looptest 115200 bps)
    76. #*5176# (L1 Sleep)
    77. #*7462# (SIM Phase)
    78. #*7983# (Voltage/Freq)
    79. #*7986# (Voltage)
    80. #*8466# (Old Time)
    81. #*2255# (Call Failed)
    82. #*5376# (Delete All SMS)
    83. #*6837# (Official Software Version 0003000016000702)
    84. #*2337# (Permanent Registration Beep)
    85. #*2474# (Charging Duration)
    86. #*2834# (Audio Path)
    87. #*3270# (DCS Support Activate/Deactivate)
    88. #*3282# (Data Activate/Deactivate)
    89. #*3476# (EGSM Activate/Deactivate)
    90. #*3676# (Format Flash Volume)
    91. #*4760# (GSM Activate/Deactivate)
    92. #*4864# (White Screen)
    93. #*7326# (Accessory)
    94. #*7683# (Sleep Variable)
    95. #*3797# (Blinks 3D030300 in RED)
    96. #*7372# (Resetting the time to DPB variables)
    97. #*3273# (EGPRS Multislot (Class 4, 8, 9, 10))
    98. #*7722# (RLC bitmap compression Activate/Deactivate)
    99. #*2351# (Blinks 1347E201 in RED)
    100. #*2775# (Switch to 2 inner speaker)
    101. #*7878# (FirstStartup) (0=NO, 1=YES)
    102. #*3838# (Blinks 3D030300 in RED)
    103. #*2077# (GPRS Switch)
    104. #*2027# (GPRS Switch)
    105. #*0227# (GPRS Switch)
    106. #*0277# (GPRS Switch)
    107. *#7465625# - (Check The Phone Lock Status)
    108. *7465625*638*Code# - (Enables Network lock)
    109. #7465625*638*Code# - (Disables Network lock)
    110. *7465625*782*Code# - (Enables Subset lock)
    111. #7465625*782*Code# - (Disables Subset lock)
    112. *7465625*77*Code# - (Enables SP lock)
    113. #7465625*77*Code# - (Disables SP lock)
    114. *7465625*27*Code# - (Enables CP lock)
    115. #7465625*27*Code# - (Disables CP lock)
    116. *7465625*746*Code# - (Enables SIM lock)
    117. #7465625*746*Code# - (Disables SIM lock)
    118. *7465625*228# - (Activa lock ON)
    119. #7465625*228# - (Activa lock OFF)
    120. *7465625*28638# - (Auto Network lock ON)
    121. #7465625*28638# - (Auto Network lock OFF)
    122. *7465625*28782# - (Auto subset lock ON)
    123. #7465625*28782# - (Auto subset lock OFF)
    124. *7465625*2877# - (Auto SP lock ON)
    125. #7465625*2877# - (Auto SP lock OFF)
    126. *7465625*2827# - (Auto CP lock ON)
    127. #7465625*2827# - (Auto CP lock OFF)
    128. *7465625*28746# - (Auto SIM lock ON)
    129. #7465625*28746# - (Auto SIM lock OFF)
    130. *2767*49927# - (Germany WAP Settings)
    131. *2767*44927# - (UK WAP Settings)
    132. *2767*31927# - (Netherlands WAP Settings)
    133. *2767*420927# - (Czech WAP Settings)
    134. *2767*43927# - (Austria WAP Settings)
    135. *2767*39927# - (Italy WAP Settings)
    136. *2767*33927# - (France WAP Settings)
    137. *2767*351927# - (Portugal WAP Settings)
    138. *2767*34927# - (Spain WAP Settings)
    139. *2767*46927# - (Sweden WAP Settings)
    140. *2767*380927# - (Ukraine WAP Settings)
    141. *2767*7927# - (Russia WAP Settings)
    142. *2767*30927# - (GREECE WAP Settings)
    143. *2767*73738927# - (WAP Settings Reset)
    144. *2767*49667# - (Germany MMS Settings)
    145. *2767*44667# - (UK MMS Settings)
    146. *2767*31667# - (Netherlands MMS Settings)
    147. *2767*420667# - (Czech MMS Settings)
    148. *2767*43667# - (Austria MMS Settings)
    149. *2767*39667# - (Italy MMS Settings)
    150. *2767*33667# - (France MMS Settings)
    151. *2767*351667# - (Portugal MMS Settings)
    152. *2767*34667# - (Spain MMS Settings)
    153. *2767*46667# - (Sweden MMS Settings)
    154. *2767*380667# - (Ukraine MMS Settings)
    155. *2767*7667#.  - (Russia MMS Settings)
    156. *2767*30667# - (GREECE MMS Settings)
    157. *#32489# (Enter Service Mode)
    158. *#197328640# (Default Service Mode)
    159. #0808# (Usb Service)
    160. *#9090# (Service Mode Usb)
    161. *#2663# (TSP / TSK Firmware Update)
    162. *#34971539# (Update Your Camera Firmware)
    163. *#526# (WLAN Engineering Service Mode)
    164. *#528# (WLAN Engineering Service Mode)
    165. *#7412365# (Enter your Camera Firmware Menu)
    166. *#8736364# (OTA Update Menu Screen Mode for Android)
    167. *2767*4387264636# (Sellout SMS / PCODE view)
    168. *#745# (Dump Menu for Dumping RIL)
    169. *#746# (General Debug Dump Menu)
    170. *#9900# (System Dump Menu)
    171. *#03# (NAND Flash S/N)
    172. *#7594# (Remap Shutdown to End Call TSK)
    173. *#272886# (Auto Answer Selection)
    174. *#7780# Factory Reset
    175. *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* (Copy Files and Backup Media Files)
    176. *#2263# (RF Band)
    177. *#272*IMEI# (Samsung galaxy s3 Gives Buyer Code)
    178. *2767*637# (Samsung A300, A800 Phone Unlock)
    179. *#0000# (Samsung A300 Language Reset)
    180. #*7337# (Master Reset Samsung E700 x600)
    181. *2767*782257378# (Samsung V200, S100, S300 Phone Unlock)
    So this was all about Samsung secret codes. If you have more working codes then mention them below or if you find any correction in the above mentioned coded then feel free to tell us. For any doubt or query comment below in the comment section.